Cougar Trail

The shortest of the two courses here at Spring Lake Golf Resort is the Cougar Trail. Don't let the lack of yardage fool you. This Par 70 is full of doglegs. All 18 holes have water and the smaller greens are definitely more undulated.

Course Tour

Hole 1

If you can bang it past the first hill on this dogleg right Par 5, you can easily get home in 2. However, a precise second shot will be needed to this small flat green.

Hole 2

Extremely short Par 4. Big hitters can reach the green from the tee. The green is heavily guarded by bunkers and cypress trees. Come up short, and you will be chipping. You might want to take a half club extra for your approach shot.

Hole 3

Don't let the giant oak intimidate you from the tee. The shortest Par 3 on the Cougar Trail tee shot must be precise. A little left and you should check first for alligators.

Hole 4

Right turn, please. This Par 4 is a 90 degree dogleg right. Try and bite off as much as you want of the dogleg, but be careful coming out of the shoot where the tee is located. This elevated green needs enough club to reach it. Don't be scared to hit it.

Hole 5

Direct opposite. Another short Par 5. The tee shot out of a narrow shoot opens up to a wide fairway. The irrigation boxes are located at the end of the fairway, only 200-250 yards depending on which tee box you play. This long and narrow green is receptive to a long iron shot, but don't hit left, the bunker is deep.

Hole 6

What you see is what you get. Good Par 4 that requires a slight right to left turn. The green is elevated so choose your approach club carefully.

Hole 7

Small and moving. There really isn't a flat spot on this narrow green. Accuracy will be a premium off the tee.

Hole 8

OB left, bunkers and water to the right. 3 wood is all you need off the tee. Bunkers on the left and right sides of the green will gobble up a not too accurate 2nd shot.

Hole 9

From the Blue Tees this Par 3 over the canal and up the hill is all you want. The two bunkers on the right side of the green are deep. It's tough to get up and down out of them. Definitely check the wind on this tee box.

Hole 10

Back to Back. The easier of the back to back Par 3s. You need to hit enough club off the tee. No matter the wind direction it always seems to be in your face on this hole.

Hole 11

If you are long enough to clear the mound, you are home free. If not, lay up on the second shot. Arguably the hardest ground at the resort. If your shot to the green goes left or right, your ball will be swimming.

Hole 12

This Par 3 will fool you. All you can see from the tee is the first loft of the green. Be sure you get the correct yardage for your tee shot. The green slopes from front to back and demands an accurate shot.

Hole 13

Dogleg left Par 5. Boom your drive and favor the right side or you will be tree locked on your second shot. Too errant on the second shot could find you in one of the bunkers on the left side of the green and facing a third shot at a narrow green with water behind it.

Hole 14

Dogleg right Par 4. Big hitters go for it, but beware with only a 25 foot window in front of the green, bunkers on both sides and water to the right. Smart play here is an iron off the tee, it will leave you with only a wedge in.

Hole 15

Good Par 3. A little left off the tee could spell doom to an otherwise good round. Take enough club to get there.

Hole 16

Tough approach. A fairly short hole and narrow fairway gives way to a tough approach shot. Don't try to be cute on the second shot. Balls that get going left on this green have been known to take a dive in the close by canal.

Hole 17

An easy driving hole, a sprawling green that is very receptive to any approach shot. You should walk away with no more than a par.

Hole 18

The bunker on the right of the fairway catches a ton of balls. The elevated green requires you to be spot on with your approach shot.

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